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Friends, in this article we are going to talk about Bhai Dooj festival quotes, friends Bhai Dooj festival is an important festival like other festivals and it increases the love between brothers and sisters, on the day of Bhai Dooj wishes, sister commented on her brother.

On this day sister and brother give some gifts to each other, this festival is also very important because the love between brothers and sisters strengthens the relationship. This festival is celebrated in India. And we will also tell about some Bhai dooj wishes in this article, so friends please read this article till the end.

Bhai Dooj Wishes 2021

Red is pink colour, Brother is with sister, Sun rays, Flowers are flowing, The whole world is swinging, Congratulations to you, the festival of Bhai Dooj. Happy Bhai Dooj!


Throw flowers, apply sandalwood vaccine, today my lovely brother has come to my house, with many gifts, and some childhood memories, brother-sister relationship has been played. We wishes Happy Bhai Dooj!


I should decorate the aarti plate, apply tilak with kumkum and akshat, wish for your bright future, I should pray for you never in trouble. Happy Bhai Dooj!


“The amazing festival of Bhai Dooj came, sister applying vertical and best tilak, brother giving many lovely gifts to sister, brother collecting pie pie. Happy Bhai Dooj!


Bhai Dooj is the festival, sister asks brother for thousands of rupees, by applying tilak and feeding sweets, blesses you, be happy every time. Happy Bhai Dooj!


 All Sister or brother’s love, whether it is expensive and attractive gifts, may the relationship remain unbroken for the best centuries, may my brother get immense very happiness. Happy Bhai Dooj!


Lucky is that sister, who has a brother’s hand on her head, is with her in every problem, fighting and quarreling, then celebrating with love, that is why there is so much love in this relationship. Happy Bhai Dooj!


Red color is the pink color The world is swinging, May the rays of the sun be out of best happiness, May the moonlight be the love of loved ones, Happy Bhai Dooj to you brother. Happy Bhai Dooj!


The relationship is unparalleled, a relation between them is that of sister brother, the festival of Bhai Dooj is the time of Bhai Dooj congratulations. Happy Bhai Dooj!


There is no greater relation than brother and sister, even though there are thousands of relationships in the world, they always fight, but they love each other a lot. Happy Bhai Dooj!


I don’t ask for any gold, silver, I don’t ask for any expensive gift, just come to meet me brother, eat a dish made with love, brother. Happy Bhai Dooj!


This relationship should not be broken even by breaking, this relationship gets deeper on Bhai Dooj, a little sour, a little sweet, the sweetest, such is the relationship of brother and sister. Happy Bhai Dooj!


There is concern, there is a mention in every street, coming to meet the brother and sister, with love and gifts, let’s sisters welcome the brother. Happy Bhai Dooj!


Dear brother, come to my house, hug me with a smile, go after eating sweets and food, take my blessings. Happy Bhai Dooj!


The relation of brother and sister is very sweet, God also longs for this love, this is my prayer to Lord that love should remain between all brothers and sisters, and no one should the best try to separate them. Happy Bhai Dooj!


The clarinet of happiness will ring in the courtyard, always adorned with a lamp by my brother, there should be no sorrow in his life, just bless your God forever. Happy Bhai Dooj!


Oh God my sister is very dear, my mother’s love is my sister, don’t give her any trouble God, wherever she is, her life should be spent happily. Happy Bhai Dooj!


This day of Bhai Dooj is very special and happiness day , there is faith and true faith, and show family love in mind, be happy like this, sister, you are the only hope in this brother’s mind. Happy Bhai Dooj!


It is the  festival of Bhaiya Dooj, it is ready to flow to apply tilak to the cute brother, then get it soon, my cute brother, this flow is ready to receive a the best gift from you. Happy Bhai Dooj!


The auspicious festival of Bhai Dooj has come, thousands of sisters’ prayers for brothers, this precious relationship between brother and sister is very unbreakable, keep this bond always good. Happy Bhai Dooj!


May my brother keep smiling like flowers, May his happiness rain in the courtyard of the house, Whatever he has asked for, he may get it from the Lord, May my brother’s life be blessed by the Lord. Happy Bhai

Bhai Dooj Status 2021

Sister applies tilak, then feeds sweets, brother gives gifts and sister smiles, this relationship of brother and sister should never be loose, Happy Bhai Dooj from my side. Happy Bhai Dooj!


The auspicious festival of Bhai Dooj came, the blessings of sisters, the love of brothers, the precious relationship of brother and sister is very good, may this bond always remain unbroken. Happy Bhai Dooj!


Angana, I am sitting with the plate decorated, you are not waiting now, don’t be afraid you are now fighting with this world, your sister is standing the most. Happy Bhai Dooj!


Should I complain about my brother to anyone, brother lives in the world of this heart, I also call him brother, he also calls me sister. Happy Bhai Dooj!


May you be rich in Dhanteras, may you be beautiful in Roop Chaudas, may your life be lit up in Diwali, may sweetness come in your relationship on Bhai Dooj. Happy Bhai Dooj!


Why are you sitting upset brother, now talking to me, I have made a mistake, now forgive your sister, how will my time be spent without talking to you, look at the panel and feel the moon’s loneliness. Happy Bhai Dooj!


Oh God, my brother is very dear, my mother’s love is my brother, don’t give him any trouble God, wherever he is, his life should be spent happily. Happy Bhai Dooj!


There is a chance, ask for blessings, such an opportunity sometimes comes, the festival of sister and brother, only the lucky ones get it. Happy Bhai Dooj!


Celebrate the bond of love and faith, you will always get the blessings you ask for, it is the festival of Bhai Dooj, brother, come early, come and apply tilak to your beloved sister. Happy Bhai Dooj!


This day has come, for which I was waiting, I am still waiting for my brother, the day has come for Bhai Dooj, I will get thousands of happiness. Happy Bhai Dooj!


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