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Dear friends, today we are going to give you all the information related to IGRSUP property registration and marriage registration in this article, along with how you can apply. We are also telling you about all the information which you required for marriage registration in detail in this article and about how you can apply online.

So friends, first of all let us tell you about how you will apply for property registration.  If you want that you do not have to face any difficulty in applying for your registration, then we are telling you step by step, by following which you can register the property.

  1. First you have to go to the official website
  2. When you open the website the home page will open on your screen
  3. The option of online property registration will appear on the home page, you have to click on that option
  4. Then the property registration form will appear in front of you.
  5. You have to fill the information asked in the form
  6. The password and application number asked in the form will be generated by you
  7. Login after filling the form
  8. Please read your form carefully before logging in to avoid any mistake
  9. This application number will have to be kept for future use.
  10. In this way your online property registration process will end

What Is The Purpose Of Property Registration

What Is The Purpose Of Property Registration

The purpose of property registration, people will not have to go to the offices, even sitting at home, they can work without facing any difficulty through the internet Now with the introduction of online facility, people’s work has become very easy and time-saving, so there are many such schemes which have been run online by the government. face some difficulty

What Documents Are Required For Property Registration

To get the property registration, proof of residence, proof of identity of the witnesses, mobile number, passport size photo, identity card of the seller and the buyer of the property, and a copy of the online application form, land documents, beneficiary should be from Uttar Pradesh

Up Marriage Registration

For Uttar Pradesh marriage registration form, husband wife or parents keep making rounds of the offices, then you can do online marriage registration, then if you want to register marriage and you have visited the offices but you do not have the form. If found then you can also apply for marriage registration online

Up Online Marriage Registration

If you are from Uttar Pradesh and you want to register marriage then we are telling you here how you can do online marriage registration

Up Online Marriage Registration

Friends, first of all you go to the Uttar Pradesh Online Marriage Registration website, after clicking on the website, you will have to click on the new application form, after clicking, the marriage registration application form will appear in front of you,

you will have to give the information that has been asked in this form and and you will also have to upload your photo, you will have to give all the information correctly to yourself and your wife, after this you will have to click on the marriage venue registration office, you will have to submit your form, after submitting the form, you will have to enter the registration number and login password.

It will also be given, keep in mind that the address written in the Aadhar card, you will have to fill the same in the form, if you fill another address in your phone, then your phone will not be accepted.

IGRSUP Official URL Use Full Links
Property Registration https://igrsup.gov.in/igrsupPropertyRegistration/newPropertyRegistration
Up Online Marriage Registration https://igrsup.gov.in/igrsupPropertyRegistration/newPropertyRegistration
Property Registration User Login https://igrsup.gov.in/igrsupPropertyRegistration/propertyRegistrationLogin
Verification Of Marriage Registration https://igrsup.gov.in/igrsup/userMarriageRegistrationVerify

What Documents Are Needed Form Marriage Registration?

Husband wife’s photo, Aadhar card, residence certificate, identity card, age proof, mobile number, and should be resident of Uttar Pradesh.

What Documents Are Needed Form Marriage Registration

Verification Of Marriage Registration?

If you want to know how to verify marriage registration then you can see by following these steps

First of all, you have to go to the official website, after going to the official website, the home page will open on your website. The page will open with the information in which you will have a form in which you have to fill your application number, date of marriage and certificate etc. All these things, in this way you can verify your marriage registration

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Government of Uttar Pradesh has been launched helpline numbers for any help and query for the marring registration according to the areas. Here, we are presented you the full list of these contact number which will help for any further inquiry and information.

Serial No. Department Place Phone No.
1 महानिरीक्षक निबन्धन⁄ आयुक्त स्टाम्प उत्तर प्रदेश मुख्यालय इलाहाबाद, राजस्व परिषद भवन, सिविल लाइन्स इलाहाबाद फोन–0532–2623667
शिविर कार्यालय, लखनऊ, विश्वास कामर्शियल काम्प्लेक्स,विश्वास खण्ड–3, गोमती नगर, लखनऊ फोन–0522–2308697
2 अपर महानिरीक्षक निबन्धन (प्रशा०) मुख्यालय इलाहाबाद फोन–0532-2623717
3 अपर महानिरीक्षक निबन्धन (विभागीय) मुख्यालय इलाहाबाद फोन-0532-2623717
4 अपर महानिरीक्षक निबन्धन शिविर कार्यालय, लखनऊ फोन-0522-2308587
5 अपर महानिरीक्षक निबन्धन (विभागीय) पश्चिमी क्षेत्र गाजियाबाद, कलेक्ट्रेट परिसर गाजियाबाद फोन-120-28220844
6 उप महानिरीक्षक निबन्धन मुख्यालय इलाहाबाद फोन-0532-242788
7 उप महानिरीक्षक निबन्धन शिविर कार्यालय, लखनऊ फोन–0522-2308713

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions Related To This Article

1. Where Do We Go To Apply Online

If you want to do property and marriage registration online, then you can do it by visiting the official website, you have given above information about how you can apply.

2. If We Will Get The Property Registration Done Then What Will We Need For This

If we will get the property registered, then you can see the mobile number, passport size photo, identity card, land document etc. we have told above for that.

3. What Is The Purpose Of This Scheme

The purpose of this scheme run by the government is to save the time of the citizens of Uttar Pradesh and to make them online due to the fact that they have to go to the offices.

4. If We Will Take Advantage Of This Scheme Then Do We Need To Be A Citizen Of Uttar Pradesh

Yes, if you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh then only you can take advantage of this scheme otherwise you cannot.

5. What To Do If We Want To Verify Marriage Registration?

If you want to verify your marriage registration then what you have to do for that we have told above

6. How You Fill The Marriage Registration Form?

Applicant can fill the marriage registration form via offline and online mode both. Candidate can fill these forms in Hindi language and in English language as well as.

7. Why Marriage Certificate Is So Important?

For a married couple, marriage certificate is an important document which gives a legal reorganization of their marriage. Without marriage certificate, your marriage will not be considered legal in respect of authorized terms.

8. Which Documents Are Essential For Marriage Registration?

Aadhar card, Marriage invitation card, voter card, residential proof, passport size photographs of both bride and groom and address proof are mandatory for marriage registration.

9. What Is The Processing Fee Of Uttar Pradesh Marriage Certificate?

The processing fee of UP marriage certificate is 50 Rupees only.

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