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Hello everyone, today I want to share the topic of what is RNFI and its services, where to log in to RNFI. the ultimate platform for distributors and retailers.

They provide online payment services. They handle national remittances, mobile recharges, and utility bill payments. Through practical digital devices such as personal computers and Android phones. In addition, they provide services through APIs and SMS long codes.

What Is Rnfi

Company that provides B2b and B2c. It is about banking-related services, and its franchisees can constitute their own employment.

Here you can withdraw money, transfer money, electricity deposit, water deposit, mobile phone recharge, DTH recharge, insurance. There are many other types of services rnfi login.


Who Can Get The Rnfi Franchise?

 To get the franchise, here are some simple rules: Generally speaking, any ordinary Indian citizen can get the RNFI franchise. People who meet the following conditions.

The conditions are: The person must be a resident of India. You must have computer skills. It has bank information. Must pass high school or intermediate level. Must have its own store. No one can accept this franchise. Some legal actions are being taken against it. Whoever committed the crime said that the franchise would not be given to that person. Obtaining the RNFI franchise requires documents

If A Person Wants To Obtain This Franchise, Then He Must Have The Following Documents. Then Only One Can Use It.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Bank Passbook
  • fingerprint device
  • mobile phone number
  • email ID
  • passport size
  • Photo
  • KYC

you I really want to get an RNFI ID. Therefore, you only need to send the following documents. So only one person can be an RNFI agent. rnfi login

Official Quick Links Important Url
Partner Rnfi http://partner.rnfi.in/
Rnfi Main Login Page https://rnfi.in/
Customer Care Number 011 4920 7777 /  012 0476 8888

List Of Rnfi Services

It can be said that RNFI is a platform linked to the banking industry. A place where service benefits related to banking business are provided. It has the following services that can be completed through franchising.

  • Cash withdrawal Remittance
  • Balance inquiry Mini account statement Cash deposit can only be paid by ICICI bank statement.
  • Mobile recharge
  • Mini Atm Aadhaar payment system is enabled

How To Become An Rnfi Agent

Yes, someone wants to build their own job by joining RNFI. Then the following procedure must be used to obtain his franchise. To obtain the RNFI franchise, a nominal fee must be paid.  You can log in by visiting the RNFI website with your user ID and password.

After that, all the information given there can be given. Can use the service. To get all franchise rights, you must visit their official website. There, you should contact the sales manager through your contact. Who owns your SIM card will help you obtain an ID. It will easily give an agent ID.

How To Become An Rnfi Distributor

If anyone wants to become an RNFI distributor. And profit by working with him. So first, you must visit the official website of RNFI. Then go there to find the contact number of the sales team. We can also tell someone that they must invest some money to become an RNFI distributor.

Only then will the reseller ID be issued to you. You can become an agent in rural or urban areas by obtaining a dealer ID. When an agent works, each agent will pay someone a generous commission. So how many agents should be done. The more you pay.

Rnfi Service Registration Process

The company has gained a good customer base, and facts have proven that it is beneficial to people who own smartphones. The remittance function on the RNFI login page benefits buyers, sellers and distributors. The main goal of serving B2B customers is to satisfy RNFI services.

 Step 1: To register on the RNFI portal, the applicant should visit the RNFI website, www.rnfiservices.com

 Step 2: The portal will bring the applicant to the homepage. On the homepage, you can find registration options.

Step 3: In the RNFI registration form, the applicant needs to fill in detailed information such as name, mobile phone number, email, status, etc.

Step 4: The applicant must decide the type of service and choose a retailer, distributor or partner. The portal provides a box on the website where applicants are free to write letters if they have any questions. Then click the submit button.

Step 5: The RNFI officer will communicate with the applicant through the collection of contact information. The officer will collect the applicants documents, such as Aadhaar card, PAN card for verification. After verification, RNFI will issue user names and passwords

Rnfi Login Name: RNFI Services Private Limited (RNFI) to partners, distributors, retailers and customers. Services include IT support and 24 X 7 technical assistance. Steps taken to build a customer relationship Start a potential search Arrange a meeting in a comfortable location The representative will collect documents and verify them Customer creates an account and the company issues a license Customer goes online

Rnfi Commission List 

If anyone wants to know how much commission is paid in RNFI. Here, we will provide someone with complete information about the committee.

A generous commission is paid for every transaction. Here, the company has set a good commission on top of all the services that have occurred, so this is important information about what RNFI is and the topic of its services, and where to log in to RNFI.

These will be very useful and essential points for RNFI and its services. If any questions or problems persist, please feel free to comment on these points.

RNFI AEPS Commission List Table?

Transaction Retailer Commission
501/1000 RS. 1
1001/1500 RS. 2
1501/2000 RS. 3
2001/2500 RS. 5
2501/3000 RS. 6
3001/3500 RS. 7
3501/More RS. 8

RNFI MINI ATM Commission Table ?

Transaction Retailer Commission
200/999 RS .82
1000/1499 RS  2
1500/1999 RS  3
2000/2499 RS  4.5
2500/2999 RS 5.5
3000/3499 RS 10
3500/More RS 7.5

RNFI Money Transfer Commission Table?

Transaction Retailer Charge
1000 6.78
2000 8.73
3000 10.68
4000 12.63
5000 14.57
10000 29.14
15000 43.71
20000 58.28
25000 72.85

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What Is The Full Form Of Rnfi?

people are also searching are many time of full form RNFI – is a simple the full form is ( Icici Bank Aeps ). 

How Much Does Rnfi Services Pay Each Year?

The average salary of RNFI SERVICES ranges from about 170,000 rupees per year for customer service managers to 460,000 rupees per year for business development managers. Salary estimates are based on 172 RNFI SERVICES salaries received from different RNFI SERVICES employees. RNFI SERVICES employees rate the overall salary and benefits package as 3.4 out of 5 stars.

What Is The Highest Salary For Rnfi Services?

The highest paid job for RNFI SERVICES is business development manager with an annual salary of 460,000 rupees. The top 10% of employees have an annual income of more than 540,000. The top 1% earn more than 26.87 million rupees per year

What Is The Minimum Wage For Rnfi Services?

The minimum wage for RNFI SERVICES depends on the position you are applying for. For customer service executives, the minimum wage is 170,000 rupees per year, for data entry operators, it is 180,000 rupees per year, and so on.

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